Need adopt-a-penguin recommendations. Yes, that's what I said.
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Recommendations wanted for "adopt a penguin" gift donations. This penguin research organization came up, but can't find any info if it's legit or not. Links to other recommended/donation-worthy animal "adoption"/charitable gift sites welcome too.

To clarify, I'm trying to make a donation on someone else's behalf as a christmas gift. I've done this at my local zoo, but I also need some penguins. :) Thanks!
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Do you specifically want to adopt a wild penguin and support research? Because it looks like lots of zoos and aquariums will specifically let you adopt penguins. (Link to newport aquarium near Cincinnati, supports research. You can also buy penguin art! I've "met the penguins" there -- fun thing to do.)
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Try the World Wildlife Fund (aka the Worldwide Fund for Nature). This is a reputable charity, founded in 1961. They get a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, which is pretty good (a high % of money raised goes towards program activities and they have visible auditing practices). They also allow you to adopt penguins!
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Well, the Tennessee Aquarium doesn't appear to have an adopt-a-penguin program, but the NJ Adventure Aquarium does, as does the New England Aquarium. I just searched for "adopt penguin aquarium".
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My wife adopted me a penguin one year at Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago. I'd say look for the nearest location to the recipient that has penguins and see if they have an adoption program. This gives them the option of visiting "their" penguin.
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As far as I know, the guy who runs (which you linked to) used to live in the Falklands but hasn't done for several years - I'm amazed he's offering Falklands penguins for 'adoption'.

Falklands Conservation are based in Stanley and work with Falklands penguins (and other wildlife) all the time. I used to live in Stanley, know the organisation well, and it's legit.

Happy adopting!
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Response by poster: Great suggestions/finds, thanks! I went with the WWF one this year since there was a donation option that better fit my budget, but I really appreciate the other info, and will likely contribute to a local (to the giftee) aquarium and the Falklands conservation group for an future holiday. :)
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