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Impatient filter - does anyone know where I could get some valid information regarding music lineups at this years Coachella? A friend of mine said last night that he'd heard that the Gorillaz were going to be there, but after playing around on the net for an hour or two this morning, I can't seem to find anything concrete.
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No part of Coachella lineup has been announced. Any speculation about music festival lineups (especially Coachella which has had some major surprises in the past) tends to be pretty pointless.
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Best answer: There are a few pretty solid confirmations (from bands thmeselves, myspaces, etc) at the Coachella.com message board.

What we have so far is...

Buraka Som Sistema
White Lies
Fleet Foxes
The Airbourne Toxic Event
Drop The Lime
No Age
Los Campensinos!
Roni Size
The Presets
Lykke Li
Flying Lotus
Gui Boratto
The Hold Steady
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No way re: Gorillaz.

Several reasons, one including the Blur reunion and the fact that Gorillaz performances are ultra-rare and Damon has moved onto the Good, the Bad...

Not 100% of course, but very, very, very doubtful.
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Response by poster: I suppose I'll just have to wait and see for sure. Thanks Senor for the list!
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