Any suggestoins about things to see and do in Barcelona, Spain?
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We are going to Barcelona for our honeymoon. We will be there one week. Any suggestions about things to see during our visit?
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Anything Gaudi. Parc Guell, the Church (Sacrada Familia), and try and get in a couple of his apartments on the way (the SF is a bit of a walk if you're hoofing it, but it's pleasant). The old section of town (Barri Gotic) is really cool, and easily accessible via Las Ramblas, but watch your wallet!! Barcelona has some of the highest incidents of thievery on the planet.

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Definately go see the Sagrada Familia, very impressive. The picasso museum might also be worth a visit if you're in to that sort of thing.

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Gaudi Park is cool.

I visited a great picasso museum when I was there, too.
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I second the watch your wallet part. I saw people chasing after thieves with bags in hand and almost had my wallet taken at the beach. And don't play any of those little pea knuckle (sp?) games, you know, where they put a ball under one of three cups. Half the people standing around you are actors who will split your riches with the guy behind the table once you lose.
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We had the best time in Barcelona just walking around the Gothic part of town. Even the graffiti is beautiful here.

Buy a money belt so you don't have to worry about pick pockets. If someone throws a baby at you or starts yelling, just ignore them. Usually, a big loud comotion is just a technique to distract people. We saw one guy get his wallet stolen off of a cafe' table in broad daylight, after this guy started groping a girl as she was walking by. She started yelling something over and over again running away from him. As everyone was distracted by this weird drunken old man groping this girl, someone made off with his wallet. We saw the guy and the girl talking calmly to eachother a few minutes later.

But don't thieves ruin your vacation. Barcelona is one of my favorite places in the world. A beautiful city with beautiful people. You will find plenty to do on your own.

Also, you may want to take the (incredibly inexpensive) trains to some coastal towns and see small town life, if you have the time. We stopped in Port Bou which was gorgeous and quaint.
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I spent two weeks in the Barcelona area with my family last summer; I wrote about it extensively on my weblog and included lots of links. If you're interested, you can find the URL on my information page. Start with the August 30th entry.

I second the recommendation to visit some tiny fishing towns along the Costa Brava -- I recommend Llafranc and Aigua Blava. The medieval stone village of Pals is nearby and is very much worth a visit. Stay far, far away from places like Blanes. Go up to Figueres to see the Dali Theatre-Museum before you return to Barcelona.

Don't miss Montserrat, it's an easy day trip from Barcelona and the scenery is spectacular.

Since this is your honeymoon, the coolest, most romantic restaurant in Barcelona is Asador de Aronda (IMHO, of course); it's in an old Modernisme mansion and the food is incredible. Another romantic place is the little bar up on the side of Tibidabo Hill next to the funicular station where you can sit and have a sherry while looking out over the city at dusk.

Have fun!
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I honeymooned in Barcelona as well and second the rec's on Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell, Gaudi apartments, the Picasso museum and a daytrip to Montserrat.

It wasn't our cup of tea so much, but you might enjoy the Joan Miro Museum.
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A rather obvious tip but the city run tourist buses are very efficient and useful, there's three separate lines with a very regular service. A three day pass will get you to the major sights and give you the feel of the place. Find them in the Placa Catalunya (which is the city's hub).

My two favourites are close together in Montjuic. The Mies Van der Rohe pavilion (The German pavilion for the 1929 fair, destroyed and rebuilt) is simple, beautiful and somehow sad. To lighten up, walk up the hill to the ridiculous Pueblo Espanol, the whole of Spain in twenty minutes. It sounds ghastly, it's fantastic fun.

The real trick in Barcelona is to find the beautiful people. They're there right enough, but they hide from visitors (as you would in a city so lousy with tourists). Start with the Guía del Ocio, the weekly what's on guide (you'll need a little Spanish but not much). Check out the clubs and bars, but go late, much later than you would at home.
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