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BellyFilter: Trying to find the name of a photography exhibit that featured women's bellies.

I have a friend who hates her belly, and I thought it would be helpful for her to see a series of pictures that I remember looking at several years ago. It was a series of black and white photographs of women's bellies -- young, old, c-section, fat, skinny, etc... I remember it getting some national publicity at the time, but no amount of Google searching has been successful. Anyone remember seeing this who can point me to a link?
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I don't think it's the one you saw, since they're not black and white, but Everyday Bodies has a section for bellies.
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Also, there's a forum where (presumably) normal people are posting pictures of their bellies in solidarity with Amanda Palmer. This was a recent Metafilter FPP. Apparently her record company didn't want to promote her new album/video because her belly was not up to their standards.

Not what you were thinking of, but possibly useful.
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