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Need to order contact lenses. Where?

I relocated a few months ago and went to see a new eye doctor last week. He gave me a prescription for my usual disposable lenses. My old doctor's office used to order them, but the new one's office doesn't. The doctor recommended CostCo or BJs, but I don't belong to either and don't want to join just to buy lenses.

There are tons of places on the web that sell lenses. Any that are better/cheaper/more reliable? Or anyplace I ought to avoid?

I'm in the US, and the lenses are Acuvue 2.

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Walmart is probably going to be the cheapest.
posted by COD at 3:42 PM on December 20, 2008

I've used 1-800 contacts for a few years now and have no complaints.
posted by biscotti at 3:48 PM on December 20, 2008

Yeah, you can take your prescription to Wal-Mart and get them very cheaply for most lenses.
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If you find a price on the web, however reliable, 1-800 Contacts will match--that's what I usually do.
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I have also been using 1-800-contacts for years (since you actually had to call the number!), and I have been very happy with them. Like deeaytch said, they will match any online price. Reliable and fast shipping, too.
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1-800 Contacts! They have fantastic customer service. I once ordered +550 instead of -550 lenses (my mistake) and they overnighted me the correct ones at no charge. And they were totally nice about it.
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1-800-contacts always worked fine for me, but I go to Costco now. They have the best prices I've found for the contacts I wear.
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800 Contacts is where I have been going. My prescription is a little different, and rarely does anyone have it in stock (soft lens, torrid, with a strong prescription). 800 contacts is always a great price, quick delivery, and the emailed reminders do help me take a look at my inventory.
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I also use 1-800-Contacts.
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I know you said you don't want to join Costco or BJs just for lenses, but I should add that Costco also has awesome prices on glasses. So awesome they're worth the membership fee alone. For example, my husband bought glasses earlier this year. A pair at the local eye glass shop was going to cost upwards of $400. A pair of glasses with the same features cost $160 at Costco. An annual membership is $50, which still leaves a savings of $190. We also found their technicians to be much more friendly and knowledgeable than the local eye shop technicians, who were clearly just pushing their product of the month.
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Looks like it's almost unanimous on 1-800-contacts. I am just going to mark the first one as best because marking so many as best is visually distracting.

Geeky, that's an interesting point. I need to get new glasses - or at least updated lenses for old glasses. I'll check the stores out, and if either can save me the money, I'll join up.

Thanks again, everyone
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