Who in San Francisco can fix my coat for me?
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Can you recommend a seamstress or tailor in San Francisco? I need to replace the lining in my favorite vintage winter coat.

I had a great seamstress who made my wedding dress, but she is no longer around, and I need to find someone new. Replacing the lining's a pretty simple job, I would think, although I have a few other things that could use some alteration.

Someone in the Mission or Marina would be ideal, but I'm happy to go anywhere in the city for a good person. Competent, quick, friendly, and not wildly expensive are other criteria.
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I've been going to Cable Car Tailors on O'Farrell all my life. I've never had them do anything too fancy but they're cheap, quick and alter trousers like no one's business.
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Cable Car is who was recommended to me by the partner of a friend who worked at Wilkes Bashford, but I got a suit jacket pocket-rip involving getting behind the lining fixed satisfactorily at Royal Cleaners at Cesar Chavez and Church.
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And just down Grant from Cable Car Tailors is San Francisco Tailors, where I take all my pants. Isaac is a great guy, and I've had him do hems on pants, take in nicer coats, alter drapes, you name it.

(Yelp may be a great place for your quest..)
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I go to these people all the time. I didn't even look online, I just tried there because it was close.

They're very affordable and quick. The one time they couldn't do what I wanted, they were very upfront about it.
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I also go to the San Francisco Tailors that kcm mentioned. Isaac does great work, the prices are fair, and most important of all he's a super friendly guy. They're also open on Saturday mornings which is great for those last minute weekend emergencies.
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