We really want to stay, but they're pushing us away
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Our Helio contract is ending soon and we need to cut through the outsourced call center nincompoopery and get some real answers. Difficulty level: Consumerist information is outdated.

We've been with Helio for nearly 2 years and I have no complaints about the service or the devices, so we would like to stick with them for a while longer.

About a month ago, my wife (whose name is on the account and has the primary line on the plan) started getting calls from what I assume is their retention department about renewing the plan and getting a brand new Ocean (which would be awesome) for renewing the contract.

Each time they called I wasn't around to negotiate a deal so she advised that we'd call back. Each time we called back we got shuffled into outsourced call center hell and got no real answers about what they could or couldn't do for us. It's aggravating.

The real hassle is that I have no idea where to send something like an EECB because Helio is in a strange state of flux with it's merge with Virgin Mobile, and every person I've ever seen listed as a Helio exec is no longer with the company.

I'm hoping that you folks can help us track down a direct line to someone who can actually help us, rather than more outsourced call-jockeys who do nothing more than parrot back everything we say and put us on hold for 5 minutes while they search their scripts for the next inane and ultimately circular question that leads the conversation backwards.
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Response by poster: For anyone curious about the outcome to this, we finally decided to just not pay the bill and wait for them to start calling. When we did, we advised that we'll pay the bill, but only after speaking to someone about the renewal.

All of a sudden, they had a Member Care department who, after discussing the situation, set us up with a renewal and a free Ocean for each line.

And they all lived happily ever after, the end.
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