Mac iPhoto facebook importer only sends tiny little image to facebook.
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Why is the facebook importer plugin for iPhoto all of a sudden only wanting to send tiny little images instead of the correct size? I'm using OS X 10.4.11, iPhoto 6.0.6

This worked fine until just a few days ago, but now all I get is a tiny, tiny copy of the photo in the importer window, and that's exactly what it sends to facebook... A search online found a couple of people asking this question (I think), but they weren't asking the Mac experts at MeFi and didn't get any responses....
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I don't know if it works exactly like the mail button but check down on the bottom right corner of whatever window it opens up to see it there's a setting there.
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I can't speak for the version of iPhoto you're using (I'm on iPhoto 7.1.5 on Mac OS 10.5.6), but there's a 'File Export' tab on mine with a dropdown menu for 'Size' under that. I'd change it to any size other than what it's on, then change it back to 'Full Size'. You may have to actually upload a picture in between changing it back, but that might give the plugin the kick it needs. It's possible you went to upload a mahoosive picture and the plugin has had to clumsily scale it down for you — just a guess.

Otherwise, since you're using an older version of iPhoto it's entirely possible your Facebook exporter plugin is out of date. You can get the new one here. :)
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