How much to send this greeting card to London?
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Roughly how much does it cost to send a average-sized, average-weight greeting card First Class from New York City to London? The USPS Web site requires the weight to calculate shipping costs, and I'm not sure how much it weighs (even approximately). I want to send the card today from work rather than trek to the post office.
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$0.94 for a standard 1 oz first class letter to all of the world except Canada and Mexico.

(They have pretty airmail stamps if you do go to the post office.)
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A standard card is usually less than an ounce. Put postage on it to cover up to two ounces and you should be all set.
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Assume one ounce which is approximately the weight of five normal pieces of paper from the copy machine, so then it's 94 cents unless the envelope is a weird shape.
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You got good advice. Shipping a baby onesie in a large (11x14) envelope is 2 ounces, and obviously your greeting card isn't going to be nearly that heavy.
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My 7x5in cards, which have thick card and a photo enclosure, tipped the scale at 0.8oz. So the 94ยข stamp should do you just fine.
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For reference purposes, if you cross the border into Canada and send it from there it will cost $1.60 CAD
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All the cards I've had from the US this year have had 94c stamps on them.
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I just sent my Xmas cards and I can confirm that the going rate is 94c.
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Yup, I just sent a card to France and it was 94 cents, too.
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if you're concerned it's over 1 oz, then the going rate is $1.74, otherwise, yes $.94
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