Honey! My mom DID have a Penis poster!
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My mom had a print of a painting when I was little ...I want this print for my house and peace of mind...NSFW

What I remember
~at least 22 years ago, at the very minimum is when I first saw this.
~it was a print of a painting, not an actual painting
~very simple painting with seablue/green background. I think there might have been stubbly little trees, I dont remember
~it had these little square forehead naked painted peach blocky cartoonish naked troll looking men with HUGE penis's. They were outlined in black and had minimal facial features. Almost Easter Island/Mayan drawing look to the men
~it was either done in ink or watercolor, it was very even toned and smooth. Not "chunky" like an oil painting

My mom no longer remembers/denys ever having this print. She says that I am crazy and that she would never hang something so "obscene" on her walls...

But I know she had it, and can picture it up on the master bedroom wall of each of the different houses I grew up in. This can not possibly be my overactive imagination. Please help me prove a point that I am not out of my mind.

I have been googling this on an off for a few years at least. Help!
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Oh my god. I have no idea, but I have SEEN this painting. There is at least two just like this. My friend has them in her house, I will ask if she knows where she got them and get back to you.
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The timeframe, described style and subject matter scream Keith Haring. GIS his stuff - if it's him you'll pick out the style instantaneously. Let the hive mind know . . .
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Oh, the naked troll paintings? Yeah, I totally remember those. Sorry I don't have more details, but... yes, I remember those too! From what I remember the trolls were much more like Where the Wild Things Are than Haring.
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It's not even close to Haring, but the mention of 'trolls' makes me think of those gnome books that were big twenty or twenty-five years ago.
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Gnome books didn't have boners, though there was nudity.
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Clarification, Jenny: were the penises erect, or just huge?
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Response by poster: I think they may have been erect and huge...

I looked up some Keith Haring and I did not see this but I will look for more
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Response by poster: Definitely not Keith Haring
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George Dureau (NSFW) is an artist from New Orleans. His subject matter is usually nude male dwarfs and amputees.

He came to mind when I read your question. Scroll down the page for different images of his work.

(please note that I am not affiliated with this blog writer although we have the same first name)
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Response by poster: Not George Dureau, but wow, what a great artist! I enjoyed looking at his work.
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