Non-Union Square Xmas gift for my mom?
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I was a dolt and missed the deadline to ship my Mom's potential Christmas gift to my parent's house before I left town. So now I'm left with one weekend in NYC to find her something pretty for the home that's also small enough to fit in a carry-on suitcase. I need recommendations for classy, inexpensive stores in NYC that carry unique and/or handmade bowls, candle holders, tableware, etc for under $80.

The centerpiece was sort of perfect for my Mom, but I can live (sob) with a substitute. Other possible gifts I considered from the same online store were this tray and this bowl, but alas, they won't make it to the house in time unless I shell out another $40 for 2-day shipping.

I swear I tried my darnedest to find a relevant question from the Ask.Metafilter annals, but nothing popped up. I know NYC has tons of stores like this, but many are very expensive or dull.

Thanks in advance!
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Which borough?
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Response by poster: Any borough but Staten Island/Bronx should be fine. Also, I have the sinking suspicion that Pier One/Pottery Barn will have something she likes best, but I really want to try to find her something unique that she can't get in Ohio. Regardless, she's allergic to hip, post-modern decor, so no vases shaped like pistols or plates that look like vinyl records, which rules out any store in Williamsburg. A benign description of her taste would be "antique Midwestern."
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For that kind of knick knack, I usually go to TJ Maxx or Marshalls--I know it sounds like the opposite of classy, but I'm sure I've seen things similar to all of those items there.
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How about Mxyplyzyk, Blue Tree or The Clay Pot? 2nding Fish's Eddy. I can't think of the place, but I'm sure there are places in the east village with lovely pieces by local ceramics artists. I know the Mud Pit in Brooklyn has really nice stuff, but they might be out of your way.
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Oooh, or what about La Sirena on 3rd street?
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Takashimaya is modern Japanese, but I think it still has a kinda homey feel to it. And you get a super cool shopping bag.

Anthropologie isn't just NYC, but may have some things she'd like.

Alphabets has really nice little things, and is very close to Archangel antiques which has super cute things.

None of these places are "inexpensive" but I'm sure you could find something for $80 or under.

If all else fails, check out NYmag shopping.
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Maybe you'd find something at the Gifted market this weekend?
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I think I know the aesthetic you're going for, and I'm not sure about the price range, but I would point you towards:

ABC Carpet and Home
Gracious Home
Z Gallerie
Georgia Tapert Living
Boca Grande Furnishings
(There's probably some more places in Soho that I'm missing)

Perhaps a thrift store?

Mxyplyzyk is awesome but probably too hip, modern, and whimsical.
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Sterling Place in Brooklyn, on Atlantic Ave between Hoyt and Bond, kind of has the aesthetic that you're looking for but a little less with the handmade look, and little more antique or old-fashioned. (The closest stop is the A/C/G at Hoyt-Schemerhorn, or a 12-minute walk from just about every other train.)
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Best answer: The American Folk Art Museum's store. they have two locations, on 53rd b/w 5th and 6th ave, and 66th by broadway.

They will most likely have a nice bowl. They have this great wooden-spring salad tong thing (seriously nice) and some nicknacky stuff.
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A lot of Judaica stores have tree themed decor elements similar to the centerpiece you chose (that aren't overtly religious, or really religious at all).

Would it be possible to get order the gift you originally intended to get, and print out a nice picture of it to present on the day? We do this all the time in my family, and it's always worked out well.
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Seconding what charmcityblues said about sticking to the original gift. If my daughter was in your situation, I'd rather receive a printout of her original choice on xmas day and the actual gift at a later date than get a substitute gift.
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You need to go to the Union Square Christmas Market. There is a fantastic glassblower there as well as a few potters who will probably have something you like.
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