Show html imagemap if Flash is blocked?
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I know that a lot of people use Flash™ blockers - I want to use a clickable rollover flash map of the U.S. (that will link to individual state pages) in a site that I'm designing. Is there a way to show a regular HTML image map if the user has flash blocked? (so both users get a clickable map of some kind). Solutions in any of these: html/javascript/php will work. TIA!
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javascript: swfobject.
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I use a flashblock firefox addon and it doesn't make flash disappear so much as it grays out the flash object and puts a play button over it so I can choose whether or not I want to see it.
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If you're going to make the HTML image map anyway, why bother with the Flash?
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Er, you already answered your own question. Use a regular HTML image map. The rollover states can be another image(s) that gets swapped on onMouseOver.

If you don't want to use javascript, the same effect can be done with CSS hover.
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CSS hover for a map of the US with state-by-state data means one hell of a big sprite image to load for a simple-looking end effect, including an image map with at least 50 different defined hotspots. In this case the Flash image would likely be easier to implement, and take less time to load.

As an alternative, if there's no Flash loading, why not go low-tech and simply bring up an alphabetical list of state names to click, or a "Select state" dropdown for those not using Flash? Both have the advantage of being easy to code, accessible to visually-impaired users and there's no reason you can't include them along with the Flash simply for those people that hate Flash to begin with.
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jquery plugin maphilight should do it for you.

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Don't expect that you reliable can detect if Flash is blocked or not. The plugin might be blocked, or it might load but then it can't load the .swf files.

Use a plugin like the jQuery maphilight. Map images don't need to explode in size or number.
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