Wanted: a meta-research search site
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Social science research, online indexes, and EndNote. Help?

I'm looking for a comprehensive online social science-oriented index that will allow me to quickly and simply export ALL the results of a search to an EndNote compatible file.

To date, I've used Proquest and ISI Web of Knowledge. They're both incredibly cumbersome - with the former, you're only allowed to mark 50 articles at a time, and it takes several tries to get a successful export. With ISI, you need to individually mark each article "click...click...click..." you want exported.
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Why not just search in EndNote? It should be able to access the databases directly.
posted by mr_roboto at 11:33 AM on October 14, 2004

Bids has a mark all option.
posted by biffa at 1:14 AM on October 15, 2004

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