Comcast, from the gates of hell I spit at thee!
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DSL in Minneapolis. Recommendations, experiences, ISPs of note.

Comcast is awful. I get horrible digital service and the speed is nothing impressive. I am probably going to go satellite for cable but I need internet service that is fast, reliable and not too expensive. I have a wireless network in the house and use Apple TV. I do a lot of work online so lots of uploading and downloading.
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Check out DSL Reports
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Have you considered using the Minneapolis WiFi network? It's prety decently priced if you get a good signal where you're at.

USI Wireless is the provider. Here's more info.
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Minneapolis Wifi is not working in my area.
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We had Qwest DSL for years but it kept going down so often that we had to drop it. We now have Comcast which is a huge improvement but no where as fast as they claim.
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I've heard that Speakeasy is a high-end and not-evil internet provider. DSL starts at $50 a month. They were bought by Best Buy last year, so I guess they're local to Minneapolis now.
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Has anyone tried satellite for internet in Minneapolis?
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Full Disclosure - I work for AT&T but don't get any discount on my bill.

I have AT&T DSL at my NE apartment, and I also have AT&T as a local carrier. But, I am pretty sure you don't have to have them for local to use them for DSL. My bundled bill is ~$80 per month, and I haven't had any problems that were their fault (my router is the problem).

I had Qwest DSL back in '01 and they messed up my bill so much that I refused to use them for anything again.
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