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I'm looking for a good, reliable on-line store for Australian DVDs that ships worldwide. I hear that ExyDVD is one of the largest sites, is it good? Any ideas about shipping prices to Europe? Thanks.

It's EzyDVD, I know. My bad.
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I've used EzyDVD and was happy with their service. I don't recall what shipping was to Canada but I do remember that I padded my order as the minimum shipping was so high that it negated the benefit of buying a single title from them in the first place. They also send me HTML mail ads yet I don't recall subscribing to anything of the sort (I *never* subscribe so... I didn't.) I have not read any of them so don't know if it's easy to get off the list.

Is there a particular title you're looking for?
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Response by poster: Wild Palms, but I may buy more stuff in the future.
goodness knows I've been buying lots of Asian dvds lately from yesasia and dvdasian. and it all started with a single copy of Zebraman, then went downhill from there. I'm sure you understand my problem there, d

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Yeah, I know exactly where you're coming from. I had to stop buying internationally (except for eBay). The shipping's killer. The exception to that was dvd-wow which for some bizarre reason ships for free. I just bought Early Summer and Salvatore Guiliano from them (both criterion) for about us$16 each, shipped. That deal seems to have ended though--they still ship for free.

If I were you, I would check out the trade forums at dvdtalk.com and do a post of "WTB/WTT: Wild Palms" and see if anyone bites (this is assuming you have stuff to trade). I've gotten amazing deals on trades. It's incredible what people will trade when they really have something they hate (some guy's sending me the 7 disc Cassavetes Crit set for three single Crits, for instance; and an earlier trade got me 22 discs (all monty python set and scorsese set and two others) for two OOP crits).

I would only buy from international sellers after trying the trade route first.
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I've ordered from DVD-WOW (aka CD-WOW) in the past, and it was a bit strange. I ordered two UK region 2 DVDs, but they arrived from Hong Kong. The discs are almost certainly perfectly legitimate, but it just made me wonder....
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nekro23, same thing in my case. I ordered those to Criterions and they came from Hong Kong but they are definitely legit.
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