Just a tree, please.
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I'm looking for a gift that is somehow tree related. This hasn't been an easy search. Help!

I'd like to get something for my parents and in-laws to thank them for all of the help and support they gave us in the days leading up to our wedding. We like the idea of a tree and all of its wedding appropriate symbolism with the roots and branches and so on. We'd like to keep it under $300 per gift.

Ideally it would be some sort of sculpture but we're open to other ideas including paintings, photographs, or rugs.

We don't like the semi-precious gemstone wire trees or bonsai trees. Also, we're not interested in planting or adopting a tree.

I like the botanical pieces from Michael Aram but he doesn't have anything that is just right. My husband likes this photo of the Angel Tree but $650 and not even framed is a bit out of our reach.

I've googled myself stupid with this for over three months, and it feels great to surrender.
Thanks for the help!
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Have you looked on etsy.com? There are tons of tree-related items at all price points. For example, I think this is pretty. (No relation to the seller, never bought anything from her, just found it on the second page when I searched etsy for tree.)
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I often go to Etsy for things like this. There are some really nice prints there that are more or less in your proce range and not too far off from what your husband was looking at. Suggestions: this person's tree photos, the tree linocuts here, this wire painting, this pottery bowl. I found these doing a search for tree and a price range of $200-300. There are some nifty things if you do the same search for wood as well.
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The tree oil lamp shadow projectors by Adam Frank are something I've bookmarked for future gift-giving--maybe one of these options would work for you (the Lumen is a lot cheaper than the Reveal, so there's some price flexibility).
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This sculpture is nice and very reasonably priced at $141.

This Matisse print can be mounted or put on canvas for under $300.

Just searching for "tree: at allposters.com and art.com will bring up a ton of other options.

(I'm considering a tree theme for my bedroom, thus my exuberant supply of links on the subject.)
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There's lots of tree-themed stuff on Etsy; I really like this line of verdigris leaf-themed jewelery for the mothers-in-law.
Here's a statue of a cypress tree in a ring, with other pieces by the same artist.
Maybe really nice quilts with tree motifs?
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Oops, my quilt link should have gone to this gorgeous wisteria tree quilt.
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Have you considered an actual tree? (climate-dependent) We got our best man and maid of honor each a small potted lime tree, both for the coolness of a living thing, and we also liked the idea of the tree continually producing fruit for him/her. Not advised if you would be concerned if the tree were to die
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It's not an entire tree symbol but what about a fancy decorative bowl carved from a burl.
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There are special prints of Ansel Adams photographs done by his former assistant, Alan Ross, available at the Ansel Adams Gallery. There are two trees in the series, "Jeffrey Pine" and "Oak Tree, Snowstorm".

Or maybe searching for some pinecone sculpture, would give you an idea.
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I guess these Myoung Ho Lee tree photo prints are also outside your price range, but I'm throwing them out there, just in case.
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Well, it's way under the $300 mark, but here is a tree luminary thing I've always loved.
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If you are considering a actual tree at all, I would suggest looking at a bay tree: It is great gift because the leaves can be used in cooking (like an overgrown herb!), but it also looks amazing and decorative. ie: this link.
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I have a photo by Chris Honeysett called Trees in Fog that I'm very fond of. (Go to Portfolios -> Landscapes. I think it's #9 in that set.)
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Another thought: Artisan House makes some nice metal wall sculpture; I have their hemispheres. To find the trees, go to Wall Sculptures -> Nature Inspired.
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