Where can I find a specific stereo speaker to replace my old one?
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Where can I find the correct speaker for my Panasonic CD Stereo System, model number SC-AK600? It still works quite well except for the left surround speaker. I need to find a replacement speaker. Any websites out there that sell these?
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Go to this website and select the link "See parts available for this model". That will pop up a new window/tab. If you click on SB-PS90, it brings up a list of what looks to be all of the individual parts that make up the speaker. You can probably confirm this by calling the 800 number listed on that page.

Probably the easiest thing to do is replace both of your surround speakers with a cheap pair of bookshelf speakers.
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I should also add that, should you decide to replace the speakers with bookshelf speakers, the surround speakers are fed 35W at 8 ohms by the amplifier. Look for speakers that fit within those specs.
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Unless you are dead set on an exact replacement, there is no reason at all to worry about contacting Panasonic about this. Any old speaker will work just fine!

If you are willing to go with a substitute, replace both surrounds todether (by a repalcment pair). I recommend a second hand store like Value Village, you should pay about $10 for the pair.

An even better option, if you care about sound quality at all. Get a pair of nice speakers for ~$50 to replace the fronts, and bump the fronts to the surrounds. Then, turn off the surrounds all together unless you have actual original surround content to play over them.

To short circuit the issue of power rating and impedance, you could follow some old threads on the topic starting here, but it isn't important for you at this time. And, if you want to go down the 'care about sound quality' road, consider the importance of speaker placement, which is easily as important as the equipment itself.
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