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A lot of people in my facebook friends have Skype. Is there a simple way to just do a search for those friends who have it in their profile?

I just started using skype. On the info page for a lot of my facebook friends, I've noticed that quite a few of them list their skype addresses. Unfortunately the process is, look at a friend, go to their info page, see if they have skype, cut and paste.

There's got to be a faster way.

Is there some sort of advanced search that just lets you see who among your facebook contacts is of the skype kind? Or has someone else come up with a nifty mini program to do so?
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Response by poster: So for the record NO ONE answered my question. And, in case anyone's interested, I did not solve this problem.
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I don't think there is a solution that directly solves the problem. However, I think you can go down this line: Have everyone you know who uses Skype add its fan page on Facebook, so you can just put down all the names at once.
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