Post & Beam in Asheville, NC
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Looking for a Post & Beam construction job in Asheville, NC. Any suggestions?

I have an excellent resume, great references, and pretty darn good cover letter. Unfortunately, I'll only be in Asheville from January-September 2009. I'm looking to work an entry-level position to gain experience. I've been working carpentry and remodeling for a few years now, and before that was doing high-end residential house painting.

Lying/stretching the truth about the amount of time I'll be with the company isn't an option for me. I'm looking to work with/for happy, down to earth folks that appreciate good hard work and an appreciation for detail and quality labor. Do you know any businesses (big or small) that fit this mold?
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I know some people in Asheville who build homes (one at a time). They said they would be interested in seeing your resume...send me an email or mefi mail and I will forward your information to them.
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