Verizon PDA/Cell with no dataplan?
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Are there any good GTD and/or organizational solutions using a Verizon phone and not subscribe to a data plan? What phone can i get that has calendar/ todo lists syncing capbablites that doesn't require a data plan?

Is it too much to ask for a PDA/Cellphone with wifi, that does not need an email/internet package?

I am not a cell phone power user, and actually my wife and I can get by with a minimal amount of minutes on a share plan. I also subscribe (sorta) to the GTD philosophy and have been thinking for sometime to incorporate a PDA into my organization system (calendar, todo lists etc.)

As i am coming due for a phone upgrade, i unfortunately found out that verizon requires a data plan (extra ~$30/mo) to use most all of their pda/smartphones/blackberrys according to verizon and these two links. Mandatory Data Plan and no data plan. The Palm Centro seems like the best candidate, but i played with the phone at the store, and wasn't sold on it, and/or its syncing capabilities. An added bonus would be wifi capabilities. But of upmost importance, is some syncing capabilities, preferably with outlook.
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Best answer: I'm a Verizon user, and afaik, only the Blackberrys require a data plan. I know that I've had a Motorola Q not on a data plan. The Q will sync with Outlook and others.

I would suggest trying eBay and getting something independently. You can then use VZW's web-interface to change your ESN. If you do it over the phone or at a store/kiosk, they may force you into a data plan by implying (or actually saying) it is required. Of course, getting it through a non-VZW source means you may pay more.
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Response by poster: Thanks, i may have to go this route.
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You could try the iPod Touch/app store route.
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Best answer: iPod Touch is working fine for me. Screw you verizon!
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Response by poster: I like the iPod touch idea, anyone have good luck using the touch as a PDA? Any recommended apps that work well for GTD (getting things done) or general organizational/ syncing functions.

I unfortunately will keep my Verizon plan for now, get a free upgrade phone and use a secondary device like the iPod touch as a catch all pda for everything else. It is not ideal to have two devices, but seems to be a good middle ground for my situation.
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Response by poster: A older post on using an iPod touch as a PDA...
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