Web payments from Africa ?
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I've a website that sells software I've produced. We currently use PayPal to receive payment. I'm starting to get good interest from customers who don't have credit cards. Can the hive mind recommend some good low-commission agent or SMS services - Also country specific money transfer services in Uganda and Nigeria please. It's not a reverse 419 I promise !

Say the software sells for $15. With a few hundred a month in sales.

PayPal works perfectly 90% of the time, but I've had quite a few genuine inquiries from people without a credit card. Due to the low cost bank transfer isn't a option. I'm in the UK.

I've thought of:

Send the customer to Western Union or MoneyGram agent - They have the coverage but not ideal as I'd have to give them my personal details and I'd have to go collect the money. Also lacking in any website integration.

Cash in the mail :)

I've been looking at some SMS services like Daopay but they appear to charge massive commission and some of the other SMS payment companies look shady.

Bonus points for any country specific services - Most Nigerians send money to Europe using X.....
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OK… I'm getting a very weird vibe about this, but to answer the question, unless the rules are different somehow in Africa, you don't need a credit card to send money via PayPal. It works just as well (better, actually) linked to a bank account.
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OK, looks like the rules are different in Africa.
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Just forget the other 10% and stick to the customers who use Paypal would be my advice. If they don't have credit cards tell them to sign up for a Paypal account, link it to a bank account, and send you the money safely that way.
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I haven't looked into this, but can't they just use their atm/debit card as a credit card through paypal?
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Someone with no credit card isn't accustomed to buying things online and having them instantly, I imagine.

So have them send a postal money order. And wait.
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I'm with rokusan: money orders. Maybe sent to a PO box?

They can wait.
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