Brugal Rum in LA
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Alcoholfilter- anybody know a place in Los Angeles where I can buy Brugal Rum? I can order it online, but I'd like to just go pick it up if possible.
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Sorry, no, but looks like their sole distributor in the US is Park & Tilford Import Corp, NYC. Maybe you could look them up and give them a call?

What's the deal with this rum, anyway--I'm unfamiliar with it. Really good?
posted by GaelFC at 9:57 PM on October 13, 2004

You may want to try the Los Angeles message board at .
posted by stuartmm at 10:41 PM on October 13, 2004

If you're up for a little drive, Hitime Wine in Costa Mesa has Brugal Anejo.
posted by shoos at 12:10 AM on October 14, 2004

Nicknamed 'Brutal' in my household. Potent stuff.
posted by viama at 5:06 AM on October 14, 2004

I actually know nothing about the rum- a friend was asking about it.

Thanks, everyone!
posted by dogwelder at 7:18 AM on October 14, 2004

You want rum, visit the Ministry of Rum. An excellent rum resource with a directory.

Looks like there's a joint called Beverage Warehouse, 4935 McConnell Ave., West LA, that carries yours.
posted by sixpack at 11:07 AM on October 14, 2004

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