What model of typewriter is this?
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What type of typewriter is this? I know it's a Royal Typewriter, but beyond that, I'm not really sure. Any idea what timeframe, or anything really? Not too many resources available online, at least none that show this guy. Looks like Sylvia Plath's typewriter, but I can't find what model that is... Here's photos of my Royal on my picasa page Thanks a ton guys! bc
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If you can find a serial number, you can look it up in the Typewriter Database.
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Looks like a Quiet Deluxe. Not sure on the era.
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My friend is a typewrite collector/enthusiast; here's what she said:

looks like a 40s or 50s model. made for secretary use.
plastic keys
larger body
plastic means its probably 50s at least
large body means its meant for industrial or office use
especially with those special long shift/return keys and the tab settings
plus that's a later font
the "royal" i mean. early 1950s, between 1950 and 1955

So take that for what you will.
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Thanks a ton for your help guys-- its a 1953-1955 Royal HH. Thanks for all the help, and aka burlap, your friend was spot on!
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