Boots tailoring in Philadelphia?
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Philadelphians -- got a shoe repair place (well, shoe-tailoring, technically) that you can recommend to me?

I have a gorgeous pair of knee-high leather boots that I got last winter. Unfortunately, they were a bit big in the calf then, and are ridiculously big now. Anyone know a shop in Philly that could take top few inches in a bit? Alas, it's well beyond my leatherworking skills...

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I love my dude. He's on 11th and Locust a few doors south from the doggie day care.
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There's a good place on the corner of 15th and Spruce as well.
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Best answer: I have had this exact issue, and I took the boots to a shoe guy on 10th & Chestnut. He looked at the boots, measured my calf by encircling it with his hands (he asked permission) and told me to come back the next Thursday. It cost $60, and they fit like a glove. He is on Chestnut about halfway between 10th & 11th on the north side of the street. He was awesome.
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Do not go to the place on 10th between Spruce and Locust (they resoled a pair of leather shoes for me and overdid it on the heat drying, making all of the creases of the leather crack as soon as I wore them twice.)

I also can't recommend the guy on 8th and Arch. He did a shoddy job half-soling boots for me, and cut away too much of the sole, making them hard to repair correctly.
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Response by poster: Yay! I'll try 10th & Chestnut first, and if he's closed or something, on to 11th and Locust.
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