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Eight months out - how to have fun and earn money - preferably abroad?

I'm based in the UK, and from about July I should have around eight months out to do my own thing.

Where can I go, and what can I do whereby I can have fun and earn money at the same time? For example, in the winter months I could work in a ski resort in North America or Europe, so ski and earn.

What reputable websites etc. have tons of good info on this - I've Googled, but with a ton of options I'd like a recommendation as to a good site.

What should I be looking to do in the next few months to prepare? (e.g. visas, brush up on language skills etc.)

Any other thoughts? I'd really like to make this time as awesome and varied as possible, and I'm not looking to make huge amounts of cash - essentially enough to live and to save for my next ticket somewhere.
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Work Your Way Around the World is in its 13th edition, and a great resource for people who are interested in doing this.
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Some countries like Australia offer special 2 year working holiday visas for young people. I suppose Canada might offer this too. U.K. citizenship will help immeasurably in both Australian and Canada. I doubt the U.S. is realistic.

You could get certified to teach ESL and find a job easily in Southern or Eastern Europe, South America. France & Germany might be too anglophone for merely an ESL certificate, but you can research the options.
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Check out Delaying the Real World.
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