Resources for professional Hebrew-English translators?
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What are the best resources for professional Hebrew-English translators? Dictionaries, word lists, machine translation programs, etc. Online, offline, dead-tree all fine.

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Best answer: This translation website is amazing

Do you mean modern or biblical Hebrew or both?
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Response by poster: Thanks for the link. I'm interested in modern Hebrew. Good question.
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Response by poster: And more Hebrew > English than vice versa.
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Best answer: Here is a word list by frequency that is pretty handy. You can limit the retrieval in various ways.

Also, I have to give a hearty second vote for the Morfix website mentioned above. For one thing, if you enter a verb in any form, it will figure out what verb you're looking for, rather than you having to figure out the root and hunt it down like you would in most print dictionaries. It's really awesome.

For a print dictionary, I use Alcalay.
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