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Does anyone know of a service in the UK that will collect a single item, package it and send it on to me?

So, I've bought an item on Ebay that needs collecting, 200+ miles from here. Unfortunately they want it collected 9-5 Monday to Friday, and I work those hours/days.

It's also unpackaged. Does anyone know of a service that will collect, pack and ship a bulky, fragile, possibly quite heavy item within the UK? If it was packaged it'd be simple, call Fedex/DHL and get it picked up, but it's the packaging that's got me stumped.

If it makes a difference the item is a print washer for my darkroom, it's in Northampton and I'm in York. Speed isn't a factor, if it takes a week or more I don't care.
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Set your location in your MeFi profile to Northampton to see if there are any MeFites who live there. If so, perhaps you could contact them via MeMail and propose a solution to your dilemma.
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Would a courier company do this...the kind that use people in cars rather than a DHL van?
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Best answer: Have a look on (or one of their local sites, eg for "Man and van" service. They normally charge about £25ph inc diesel.

otherwise parcel2go but it would need to be packed.
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A "fine art shipping" google search will find you companies whose services include custom and on-site crating as well as delivery. However, as the phrase implies, it is not usually an inexpensive service.
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