How to unlock an LG KC10 Renoir?
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I've recently bought a brand new LG KC10 renoir phone, and Orange UK have locked it, so that I can't use any other simcards, any ideas how to free myself from Orange's shackles?

I tend to use my work sim(02), much more than the orange one, and would like to be abel to swap the sims freely.

Has anyone had any experience of unlocking it, without paying dodgy dudes on street corners?

Google just seems to bring up pages and pages of adverts for unlocking companies, with no real answers. These fellas must get the information from somewhere, yet I don't seem to be in the club, as it were.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Back in the day, one would download some dodgy software from a 'cracking' website, connect to the phone using your data cable, and run the software. The dodgy websites would have been places like '' and '' if I remember correctly, but I'm in work so you'll forgive me if I don't check those out. The more modern way of getting your dodgy cracks and cracking software is probably bittorrent, so you could try torrent search sites like 'the pirate bay'.

Personally, if I had a phone to unlock nowerdays I'd consider using a "dodgy dude on a street corner" simply to save the hassle of getting the right cables and software, assuming the dude cost less than about $20.
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Best answer: I find dodgy dudes on street corners are generally fairly reliable.

Although for no particularly good reason dodgy dudes in shops give me slightly more of a comfort factor.
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In my experience, the best places to get phones unlocked are small, independent PC component shops, or independent mobile phone shops.

Remember, unlocking is in no way illegal, just distasteful to the networks - which is why the bigger places don't do it (too much to lose if the networks get wind). The smaller places will, but they'll be discreet about it - you'll probably have to ask.
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