How can I control Line Breaks in Thunderbird?
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How can I control Line Breaks in Thunderbird?

The problem is that e-mail replies often show up with added line breaks due to text-wrapping at 72 characters by the recipient's mail client.

I'd like to have all incoming message, whether HTML or plain-text, automatically displayed as flowing to the edge of the window or preview pane before wrapping.

I tried looking for an extension or setting that would do this but can't find anything.

If there a user_prefs hack?
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Very interested in an answer to this. I tried asking about this on the Thunderbird forums some months ago and the attitude there seemed to be..."Thunderbird will put line breaks in where you really need them, so why worry about it?"

Except that TB puts line breaks in rather unexpected ways. I want Thunderbird to forget about line breaks altogether. How?
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Your best bet is asking at the Thunderbird Forums at MozillaZine.

(Full Disclosure: I work for Mozilla but not on Thunderbird.)
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I've posted at Mozillazine:
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