Gift suggestions for colleague moving to the UK
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Giftfilter: I'm looking for suggestions for a joint present for a co-worker moving from Australia to the UK. Cash, gift certificate, or something else?

My work colleague and friend is moving to the UK for a few years and I've been asked to suggest what we should buy as the gift from her colleagues. She's female, in her mid-twenties and very tech-savvy, so she has all the gadgety goodness she could need already. Since she's paring down her life to the bare essentials, cash (in the form of pounds) has been suggested but I think a few colleagues think cash is tacky. Is it? Or are there any UK online stores I could buy a gift certificate for her from? Something that would be useful for reasonably priced homewares or everyday needs would be good.
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Best answer: You don't say which part of the UK she's moving to, but a gift certificate sounds like a decent useful present which is more 'gifty' than cash.,, and are all national chains that sell a wide variety of useful home goods and furniture, both online and in stores (except amazon) and do gift certificates.
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I don't usually like to give cash or gift certificates as a gift, but it's much better for people who are about to move across continents. I think Argos and Amazon are pretty good ideas.
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Cash isn't always tacky.
The only thing more useful than large amounts of money is small amounts of small denomination currency. Trying to buy a sandwich with a fresh-from-the-exchange £50 note when you're jetlagged is truly awful.
A purse full of British coins or a wallet with small denomination notes is an excellent, and very thoughtful, present for someone about to travel.
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Umbrella. A decent umbrella. Trust me.
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