What ever became of E-System?
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I'm searching for three songs by an artist called "E-System" that used to have a page on MP3.com some years ago.

I found these songs in the early 00's at some point. They were titled "Lightyear Never Ends," "Rainfever," and "Connection / Disconnection." It was electronic music made with what sounded like chiptunes of some sort, but not from any gaming system I can think of. They sounded more advanced than NES or gameboy sounds. The music had a sort of sad nostalgic vibe. At some point MP3.com had its whole database erased and since then the music's been absolutely impossible to find.

Does anyone out there know more about E-System or where I could find his or her music?
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Found this, which vaguely matches what you aurally are looking for, but the dates in his bio don't match up with something that would've been around back the early 00's

spent some time poking through archive.org's archive of mp3.com, couldn't find anything though
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Response by poster: Thanks a lot for the help! The music on that page is very vaguely similar to the E-System music I remember, but I don't think it's the same guy. The music I heard was more complex, less trancey, and had more chiptune-ish instrumentation. I appreciate the effort though.
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