What kind of sport involves roller shoes ridden like a longboard?
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It's sport identification time, hive mind. There's a kid I see around campus who travels using... well, they're sort of like roller skates. Except where roller skates' wheels are fixed and point forward, these are pivoting and are ridden sideways, as if you're riding a longboard without the board.

He seems to basically just 'surf', leaning into curves, etc. It's quite amazing to watch, but I can't find any information about this sport/mode of conveyance.
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Best answer: Maybe these?
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I believe you're seeing the ripstik.
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Response by poster: Freeline skates! That's exactly what they are! Amazing. You're fast, hive mind. Thanks :)
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Ironically, there's a kid on my college campus who uses the same things. He's very unstable though, and people often have to dive out of the way to avoid him. It's quite humorous.
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