A programme to record mobile phone calls
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Hi. I'm just wondering if anyone can recommend a programme to record mobile phone calls i make so that i can edit them in Garageband on my mac? Do i need a specific attachment for my mobile/cellphone?
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Not sure if there's an easier method but I bought a Phillips adapter with a mic on it for my iPhone that lets me plug any headphones in and use it like the ear buds. I got it at Target for $10.

With another patch cable it wouldn't be any problem to route the output to the mic-in jack on your computer.

I haven't tried this but it seems fairly straight forward though the sound quality may be lacking.
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you could put your phone on speaker and just record the audio using your mac's mic and a program like audio hijack pro.
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Are you sure there's not an option to record incoming and outgoing calls, which may appear on the menu when you're in a call? I know most new Nokias can do this.
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It would really help to know what sort of phone it is.
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Hi, it's a Nokia 6300 pompomtom
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