Awesome tetris and dr mario game that isn't on a computer? Like on a TV?
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Awesome tetris and dr mario game that isn't on a computer? Like on a TV?

I tried to hook up 3 nintendo's to my mom's tv, but I can't get it to work! Tried everything, want to get something for christmas for her, any ideas?
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I play my old NES games on something called a Yobo Clone. The system I linked to is much better-equipped than the one I bought from my local used video game store a couple years ago - mine only cost $20 and didn't come with the "Zapper." And my controllers are much more NES-like, with only the arrows and A&B buttons. But that's the basic idea.

It hooks up with new-style cables, so no need to get an adapter like for the NES. And now I KNOW that all the hours I spent blowing air into my NES games when they didn't work really WAS nonsense. All my old games work PERFECTLY in the Yobo, the first time every time. Best $20 I've ever spent on gaming.
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It hooks up with new-style cables, so no need to get an adapter like for the NES.

The Yobo seems to have the same composite video out as the (American) NES did. Just to make sure, Nighthawk, you've tried connecting the yellow/white cables on the side, not just the RF output on the back?
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Obviously this suggestion is a bit overboard, but another route is to get your mother a Wii (easier said than done, right?) and download Dr. Mario on the Virtual Console. I think there's a version of Tetris available, too.
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yes, more info on it 'not working', please.

RF-switch? composite cable? plugging it into the right place? channel switch & TV on the right channel (if using the RF switch)?. selecting the right input (if using the composite cable)? turn the NES on, then switch to the input?
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Umm . . . I don't know much about electronics. But I do own a Super Nintendo, and there is a SNES game available that has both Tetris and Dr Mario on one (plus you can play a 'Mixed Match' where it switches between the two.) I own and love this game.

So, maybe you could try looking for an SNES and the game for it. Probably cheaper than a Wii, huh? Although, depending on what your problem is with getting it to work, it may not help. Maybe what she really needs is a different TV.
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I don't know exactly what your question is, but I think I can answer it. Here are a few problems and solutions.

1. The tv doesn't have the appropriate connectors. If this is it, you either need a breakout box or an a/v cable with an appropriate end. Probably just the latter, though, as even modern tvs usually have at least one set of RCA inputs. If the Nintendo has only a single coax cable on the end of it, it's more likely the TV won't have the matching input jack.

2. The Nintendo is connected wrong.
If it's got yellow and white RCAs, the yellow is video and the white is monoaural audio (try both the red and white audio jacks, though, as some TVs will sometimes play a single input through both speakers). If it has yellow, red and white RCAs, the yellow is still video, and red/white are right/left stereo channels. If it has an S-VHS connector and red/white RCAs, well, you know that one.

3. The 3 Nintendos are all broken.
Find a known good television and try plugging the Nintendos into it, or try to find a known good something (VCR, DVD player, another console, etc.) and plug it into the same ports on the current television. If this works, you'll need to buy another Nintendo (or a clone, or etc. If you have to go this route, in my view, it makes the most sense to get a SNES, as lblair suggests.) eBay and GameStop are two decent routes (if GS still carries SNES--it's been a while since I've been in one).

4. You haven't figured out the right button combination on the tv/remote. 'Source' and 'Input' are common names for this button, 'TV/VCR' or 'TV/AV' less common ones. Or just poke around in the menus (on the original remote, ideally, rather than on the set, or using a universal remote)--it's in there somewhere. Try up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-b-a. That's a joke.

5. You don't know what to buy Moms for Christmas.
Well, if she likes video games, how about a DS? Me, I bought my mom some of those newfangled rechargable electric scissors and a pair of gardening kneepads.
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