Delonghi Ec5 Espresso machine
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How much water do I put in my Delonghi Ec5 Espresso machine?

I have the machine with all the parts, minus the manual and carafe. I found instructions online, but the only information on how much water to add is measured in increments marked on the carafe I don't have. Through searching, I found that the carafe itself is 8.5 ounces, but I don't know the volume measured by each of the increments. Does anyone have this model? Failing that, is there a rule of thumb for how much water goes in per espresso shot out?
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Best answer: Assuming that espresso machines have standardized measurements -- and I'm not sure about that, but my guess is it's true -- I measured the increments on my carafe from my Mr. Coffee espresso machine. Basically if you fill it up to the metal rim [which is what you're supposed to do if you're making "4" cups of espresso and steam for a latte/cappucion] then it's 8.5 ounces. If you're just making a half-carafe [which my carafe calls "2" but which I personally call "1"] it's four ounces.

so my carafe has these divisions [from bottom to top] and they hold this much...
"bottom of metal band" - 8.5. ounces
4 - roughly 8 ounces
2 - roughly 4 ounces
steam only - 3.5-ish ounces
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Response by poster: Thanks, Jessamyn. I'll try those measurements to start and tinker around with the details.
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Also I have an extra carafe from my dearly departed espresso maker. If you want one, MeFi mail me and I'll happily send it along.
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