Have yourself an internet little Christmas
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Help me send virtual gifts to my kids overseas.

A big part of our family Christmas tradition is Christmas stockings. This year both of my kids are working abroad in jobs that I can't mail a package to. So I want to stuff a Christmas stocking on line. I'm looking for something interactive along the lines of various online advent calendars like this one, but where you open presents instead of dates.

Does anyone know of a site or app (google? yahoo? facebook?) that will let me do this? Suggestions for what to put in it would be good too: I could stuff it with online gift certificates for games or music (assuming it's secure), fun websites, what else?

I know I can do this via a simple email, but I'd like a fun graphic interface as well. Tried googling it, but only got commercial sites. Thanks, hivemind.

Self-links welcome, if you do this yourself, or MeMail me to stay within the site rules.
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Could you let us know the countries where your kids are residing? There might be some locally-specific suggestions the merry international band of MeFites can give.
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Response by poster: One's in China, the other one is on a ship in the Atlantic
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Best answer:
Buy this book for you soon , read it , and doing even just 1 thing of the 101 ideas , your doughter will be more than happier.


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sorry your kids, got confused , i said doughter ,as my friend has one and I bought it for him when he was in your situation.
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Response by poster: Got the book, am working on the stocking idea myself with a friend; thanks as usual, y'all!
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