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Looking for a recommendation for a table and chairs. Requirements: Leaf (or drop-leaf), simple, available online if possible or in chain stores (need to get it delivered ASAP). Have been running around town (Portland, OR) and am tired of looking. Parents coming in six days.
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Strange, this may sound a mite bit odd, but run over to the Tigard/Tualatin Fred Meyer's... the one that's just off the west side of I-5 South before the 205 merge, and check out their furniture department. They have quite a bit of stuff in there and usually have tables and chairs of various sizes and styles in there ready to go.
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If you haven't already tried Portland City Liquidators (near Montage in the CEID) you should. Personally, I think they're jackasses there, but they have the best selection and prices in the state.

Good luck.

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If you have a Crate and Barrel near you, they have a nice, cheapish, simply, solid cherry table with 2 little drop leafs. I love mine. Chairs i don't know.
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It seemed to cost the earth when we got it, but we got a dining set at Scan Design that has taken a decade of pounding and is still rock-solid and beautiful. If delivery isn't available fast enough, many of them you can take home with you (if you need to, rent a truck at the Home Depot two blocks up, in Beaverton). Also, Dania has a fairly wide selection. (Sheesh, you could drive there in less time than it took for that site to load for me.)
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