Dump the batteries?
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Should I throw away batteries? -->

I don't mean recyclable batteries from phones and such which are easy to get rid of, but rather your typical A, AA, AAA, C, D types. What am I supposed to do with them? Is there a resource to find out where to dispose of them in my city?

Thank you.
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I think Radio Shack accepts batteries for recycle.

Thank you for being environmentally responsible.
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The top Google hits for alkaline batteries disposal suggest that they can safely be placed in the trash. (This is not intended as a callout, merely a pointer to relevant information.)
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"Should I throw away batteries?"

Non-rechargable alkaline batteries don't contain mercury, cadmium, or lead, so you could throw them out without breaking any laws and such.

You should recycle them, however. In SF, you can take them to any Walgreens, or any place on this list.

Never throw coin cells (watch batteries) in the trash..
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