Help find a short story I remember
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HELP! middle school/high school short story bookfilter *for Christmas!

When I was 14 or 15, I went sleep-away camp at Mosquito Lake in the Trinity Alps of California (I bet you went there, too,) and I read this short fictional story in a journal I found there (title was probably not "Witness", and it definitely was not "Sisters". It was certainly Marxist-feminist but not at all a feminist-lesbian fiction journal).

I would love to find it again to give to a graduate student colleague as a Christmas present.

The story was about a battalion of women dispatched to Vietnam whose weapon was a machine in their vaginal canal that, during intercourse, would perform a crude penectomy.
The story was interesting in that the lead character was a general's daughter, and this general had approved of the mission. Ultimately, the battalion saw that the men they were "modifying" were not VC but ordinary peasants and turned against the male soldiers who had put them in the middle of a rain forest, they were wiped out in an ensuing firefight but their dignity was restored.

It would have been around 1993-1994. I remember the journal was chapbook sized, had a deep-red/burgundy cover and the cover had on it a vintage black and white picture of a young Chinese woman with bare bound feet. There was also a fictional story inside about that.

Thanks for any help!
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Best answer: Is your story A Visit From the Footbinder, and the story in question "''The Lincoln-Pruitt Anti-Rape Device: Memoirs of the Women's Combat Army in Vietnam''? Because if so, I'm going to have to insist that you acknowledge me as the undisputed God-King of Google.
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