Another "remember this romance novel" question
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This question reminded me that I have a trashy paperback romance novel memory of my own that I would like to track down. It was about a female highwayman and its cover art was mostly in shades of dark green.

This would have been a paperback romance novel published sometime in the early 1980s (prior to 1983) or maybe even the 1970s (I bought it used). The writer was still publishing because I remember I had another paperback by the same author that I bought new in about 1980-1982 (with a similar style of cover art but this one in shades of rose and coral). The main female character either dressed up as a man and became a highwayman, or else just fell in love with a highwayman (although I think the former because she was one of those spirited dark-haired types). The setting was somewhere in the British Isles, I believe, and I don't remember any of the characters' names. It was a relatively thick book, maybe over 250 pages.
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Could it be The Masqueraders?
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Not The Masqueraders. It definitely had a highwayman-centric theme (which that book appears not to have), was more recent than 1928 (I remember it was racy but probably not too explicit), and wasn't a big-name author.
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And could this be the edition you were thinking of?
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According to Mrs. Lentrohamsanin it's Moonstruck Madness by Laurie McBain.
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Moonstruck Madness rang a bell right away. Clicking on it, it is the exact same cover. Amazon gives the publication date as 1991, but according to Wikipedia, it was 1977. Thanks, Mrs. L!
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