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Long-shot: I'm looking for an animated short from the 80's. It involves a very young boy who was accidentally drafted into the army, and nobody seems to recognize that he doesn't belong there. I believe it was on a collection of award winners from some film festival. Thanks!
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Do you remember any more details?
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Best answer: Sounds like Munro from the 1960.
posted by specialagentwebb at 10:44 AM on December 12, 2008

Rather, "from 1960". You can watch it here.
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Best answer: It's most likely Jule Feiffer's Munro from 1960. Watch it here. You may have confused the date because the VHS of collected animated films came out in 1984.
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Response by poster: Sounds like Munro from the 1960.

Indeed! And I think you're right slograffiti about the source of my error.

Problem solved -- Thanks!
posted by svenx at 10:50 AM on December 12, 2008

That film is delightful. Thanks for asking the question.
posted by Happy Dave at 1:21 PM on December 13, 2008

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