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Bookfilter: Help me remember this trashy romance novel from my adolescence.

Ever the bookworm, I used to read anything and everything I could get my hands on. Oftentimes I'd spend my Friday and Saturday night babysitting gigs pouring through whatever was on the shelf after the kids were asleep. I remember being captivated by one book when I was around 14 or 15 (most likely because it was the first romance novel I'd ever read, aside from my mom's V.C. Andrews collection).

My recollection is hazy: it was set in the 1400s or so, in Scotland. One of the main female characters was named Brenna, one of the main male characters was named Connor. The last name MacNair (or McNair) was thrown around quite a bit. The heroine was stolen from whomever the Scots were warring with and forced to marry the hero (she of course is so overcome with her attraction to him that she doesn't mind this part so much). The hero in the story lost his father in a battle when he was a boy, and is cold and stoic. The heroine is stubborn and willful, and the two are always at odds (naturally). At one point the bride is so angry at the hero that she runs away to her brother-in-law's castle. There's some sort of battle, and of course it's the hero's love for his wife that saves them all in the end. I remember one scene in particular where the reader is supposed to realize that the hero has fallen for the heroine because he wraps his family tartan around her naked body after sex. I suppose this is all fairly generic as far as romance novels are concerned (I haven't read them since I was a teenager, so I really couldn't say for certain).

I thought for a long time that this was a Nora Robert's book, but looking through her list of works, I don't see a title that sounds familiar. I remember that the cover of the book was white with scrolly gold text. It seems like the title had the word "bride" in it somehow. I'm guessing the book would have been published in the mid-1990s.

I must have read this book 6 times as a teenager (I was so enthralled that I, uh...borrowed the book when it was time to collect my $20 and go home), and it drives me NUTS that I don't remember more about it. I'm at the point that I want to waste my winter break rotting my brain out rereading it, if only I could find the damn thing.
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Best answer: Is it "The Wedding"?
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Note the pictures of alternative covers, which are white with scroll-y writing.
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Response by poster: Wow, that was quick, and so freaking awesome! THANKS!
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This book? If it is I swear, honestly, all I did was search Google for "romance novel brenna scotland"
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I searched amazon from "Brenna Connor".
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Response by poster: Man, I tried "Brenna Connor MacNair." Evidently, I suck at teh google.
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Wow, I was totally obsessed with that book, too. Might I recommend Julie Garwood's "The Bride," which tells Jamie and Alec Kincaid's story and is MUCH better. "The Wedding" is a rehash of a superior trashy romance.

I didn't even have to google that info. I just knew the author and character names off the top of my head. This is why I can't remember Molly Bloom's final speech and the anything past the sixth digit of pi.
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