what was this reading THING?!?!
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I-can't-remember-1st grade filter: help me figure out the name of the reading/spelling/phonics system that I used in 1st- (roughly) 3rd grade....

It consisted of color-coded readings that the student did at their own pace. The readings got more difficult as you went along. I think they were kept in a cardboard box that the set of cards came in (the whole class shared a set of 50-odd reading cards). They were little stories with pictures at the top. I believe the students had a workbook to fill in answers. HELP ME REMEMBER PEOPLE! I can't remember the name, but if someone posts it and/or a picture I am positive i will be able to recognize it. This would have been in the very early 90's, but this reading system thingy could be significantly older than that (i feel like i remember it looking old).
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Were they the SRA reading kits mentioned in this AskMe thread?
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It sounds like SRA to me too. This is what they looked like when I was a kid.
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oh my! yes! i didn't recognize it when i saw that thread because the picture wasn't what i remembered. But upon searching more pics, i realized that we used the super-duper old school ones. thank YOU!
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You're welcome. My elementary school had them in the 70s, and they looked like the ones in interplanetjanet's pic above.
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Man, I loved SRA. Thanks for the reminder.
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Yeah, late 60s for me. We also used ITA which kind of came and went quickly.
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I remember feeling so smart reading the hardest ones. My elementary school had this in the early 80s.
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Loved SRA also.

Personally, I found it motivating to work hard to reach the hardest books but then I came up through school when old-fashioned subjects (reading, math, etc.) where still emphasised.
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yay for SRA. i'm glad i wasn't the only kid that was totally obsessed with it.
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oh, man. I pissed off my third-grade teacher by blitzing through the entire box of those in the first couple months of the school year.
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