Know any good mechanics?
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DC-area MeFites: would you recommend your auto mechanic? I need to get my Neon worked on and would like to not be ripped off.

You've already helped diagnose the problem, now help me find the solution! I've had one solid recommendation for a mechanic in Annandale but that's pretty far away (I live in Glover Park). Can anyone offer suggestions for a mechanic who works on Dodge/Chrysler/Plymouth closer in to DC?

A thousand grateful thanks in advance!
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I don't know if Rockville is any better for you than Annandale, but we LOVE the folks at Certified Auto Repair. We started using them years ago after hearing many good recommendations, and we've recommended them to many people who have been very happy with them. They're right next to the Rockville Metro, so if you have to leave your car there you can just hop on the red line.

Certified Auto Repair
202-C Park Rd
Rockville, MD
Phone: 301-279-9451
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Best answer: No one ever complains about Distad's. I've been going to them for years, with some really old, crappy cars, and my nice new one, too. Bonus--they're right next to the Eastern Market Metro.
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Best answer: I have been really happy with Distad's. They have been very nice, quick, well-priced, and they explain everything they're doing and why. They even talked me out of a more expensive repair because I told them I don't plan on keeping the car for many more years, and there was a cheaper repair that would last me a few years.

Angie's List is also good for this sort of thing. That's how I found Distad's. Definitely worth the subscription, IMO. I bet there's a good garage nearer to Glover Park.
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I use Nebel St. Automotive in Rockville and am very satisfied. Sorry I can't provide a link as I'm on my phone.
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TOTAS (Takoma Old Town Auto Service) in Silver Spring. Trustworthy, fair pricing, reliable work.
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Herb's in Falls Church is not much closer than Annandale but we had no end to the troubles with our Dodge Caravan and they were honest and helpful and my mom still recommends them to everyone looking for a mechanic.
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Curry's Auto in Falls Church: Probably the best auto repair experience I've ever had. It's a bit far for you but it's well worth it, IMHO.
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Response by poster: Distad's did the trick! It was a (reasonably) easy fix and only cost $450. Thanks to all for the suggestions!
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