Stephen Maturin's selfsame ____?
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In one of the Aubrey/Maturin books by Patrick O'Brian, Stephen Maturin brings an animal aboard the ship of the moment. Said animal is called something unusual, so it's not the famous debauched sloth, nor is it one of the wombats he brings on in another book. It's cute, though. And I think it may pine away and come to a sad end. Does anyone remember what the creature is? It's driving me batty. Thank you!
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There's an ape named Andromache, called "Andrew Masher" by the crew, and another ape named Ajax, and a gibbon named Cassandra, aboard the HMS Lively. (In either Post Captain or HMS Surprise).

I recall Andrew Masher wasted away and the crew kept his head around for sentimental reasons.
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Best answer: His potto perhaps?
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Response by poster: Excellent notes, Quietgal, though not the animal in question -- primates were the right direction, though. Poor Andrew Masher.

Happily, the beast has finally come to mind (the mind of my boyfriend, specifically): it's a potto, which is a kind of loris. Huzzah! I can sleep in peace.
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(Picture of potto.)
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Response by poster: Yes indeed, small-ruminant! Your brainwave apparently traveled to our home via the aether just as you were hitting the "post" button. Well done!
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