I just want to win a prize. Just once. Please?
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Are there websites or communities that exist to gather and link to legitimate sweepstakes, contests, and giveaways?

Years ago, I saw a report on television about a woman who entered basically every contest and sweepstakes she could find in newspapers, magazines, TV, etc., and had won a bunch of stuff from them, including a car and a few other big-ticket items. Now that the Internet has grown so much, I figured there must be places where people go to discuss and/or exchange legitimate contests and sweepstakes and whatnot.

I have found many websites dedicated to referral programs and things that you have to pay for to receive free iPods, computers, game consoles, and the like, but this is not what I'm after. I only want to know about things that require minimal effort and no purchase, along the lines of, "comment on this blog post and you will be entered in a drawing to win!" (but I am willing to fill out entry forms and sign up for email lists if necessary)

So do these communities or websites exist? If you can't lead me to one, maybe you have tips or tricks on finding contests like these? I know I might not ever win anything and that I'm certain to be inundated with spam email, but I'm prepared for those outcomes.
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The forums at Fatwallet discuss this type of stuff. You're right that you'll be inundated with spam. Also, telemarketers, catalogs, junk mail, canvassers, home security salesmen knocking on your door, etc.
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There's a sweepstakes/contest specific board on the forums of Start Sampling.
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