Where are the REALLY tiny toy animals?
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Can you help me find really tiny toy animals?

Some years ago, I stumbled on a website selling educational toys that
had really tiny plastic frogs, snakes and lizards. I mean, the frog
measured less than half an inch, and the coiled snake was about the
diameter of a nickel. I used them in all kinds of craft projects, and
am just about out, and of course I've lost the link, if the site is
even still active. My web fu has availed me not. I imagine they are
a chocking hazard, but I will not be leaving them near small children.
Can anyone help?
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Here in Seattle, Archie McPhee's sells lots of plastic animals that are ultra-tiny, in the 5-10 cent range, but it doesn't seem like they track them on their website.

I've always been a big fan of U.S. Toys, they carry that kind of stuff too.
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I'd imagine animals used for scenery of train models are quite small.
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I have these tiny animal magnets on my filing cabinet at work. They are super-cute and super-tiny.
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Dollar store. Mixed packets of two dozen.
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You might ask Small Dog Electronics where they get the small dogs they include with every order.
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I agree with the dollar store recommendation, I have definitely seen them there. Alternately, I have seen clear plastic bins full of tiny (.5 inch) pigs, kwepie dolls at Alphabets in NYC, so I'd look for stores like that in your area, like Ginza. There is a place called Monach Carnival Supply in DC, you may want to give them a call and see what their toy prize selection is like. Nomisxid's recommendation will get you 72 cows for $25, as well.
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OMG, Nomisxid totally had it with US Toys. It is awesome. Here you go.
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This Etsy seller has awesome, delightful, vintage miniature stuff, including animals.
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Oriental Trading Company!
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Response by poster: I appreciate all the suggestions. I'm thinking I may call Archie McPhee. I had checked both US Toy and Oriental Trading Company, and they don't have anything remotely small enough. Neither have I seen anything at a dollar store that fits the bill. I'm talking frogs that could use a dime as a lillypad.
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