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When I lived in LA, there was a wacky local cable channel that played all sorts of crazy stuff they shouldn't have. I saw the entire Tommy Lee/Pamela Anderson tape, unedited, while channel surfing one night. But my question is about another odd thing on this channel. Once I was surfing and saw Jenna Jameson on this channel, but it wasn't porn. There was little to no nudity, and what I most remember is a scene where she's eating taco bell and talking about how screwed up her life is, while a bodyguard sits on the other side of the room. Most of the scenes were interviews with her as she traveled from place to place with a bodyguard. Does anyone know what this documentary was called?
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My friend shot this reality series about porn stars, including Jenna Jameson, but I haven't seen it; it hasn't aired in the US, as far as I know.
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She was followed around here, not sure if that's the one you saw though.
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Response by poster: I remember it being really mundane. I don't know what reminded me of this, but I probably saw this in 1999 or so.
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OK, then it's not my friend's show, because he finished it pretty recently.
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Road show wrapped in 2000, though I'm clueless if she's ever in a taco bell in the documentary. (I have read she lives off taco bell, though that doesn't help any)
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There was a show on MTV I saw late one night. I don't remember anything filmed in Taco Bell, but maybe...

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Vh1 has a documentary on her, but its a recent one. And I haven't seen any of these, I swear.
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This may be helpful: there used to be a local access show in LA called "Colin's Sleazy Friends," which isn't bringing up much in the way of google, now.

A quick IMDB search brings up Once In A Lifetime, but there doesn't seem to be much information, other than its status as a documentary.
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Colin's Sleazy Friends was genius!
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Another cheer for colin's sleazy friends! I met a friend-of-a-friend out in LA who was tying to get the show onto DVDs / late night tv. Dunno what ever happened to the idea.
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Colin's Sleazy Friends is/was great (it still runs on my cable system, but it's unclear whether or not they are new). To those outside of LA, you may have seen Colin Malone on an epsiode of SEINFELD. He was a creepy civil servant who hit on Elaine. But I digress...

It *could* have been an episode of COLIN..., there were other, rival shows on in the late 90s as well (TALKING BLUE comes to mind). Or it could have been a one-shot thing. Dunno. Wish I could be of more service.
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Response by poster: justgary, that thing you linked sounds like what it was, I do remember her going from place to place to perform at strip clubs. That's probably it.
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Lizard Music. Reynold. Chicken Man.

'Nuff said.
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