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Crap tv-movie identification filter.

An American TV movie most likely made in the 90's. It had a ridiculous, weepy title along the lines of "The Emancipation of Cathy Lee." The female lead had dark curly hair and played a lonely woman writing to a prisoner while also possibly looking after her disabled parent. I think some cringe-inducing scenes featured her reading out the letters. She lived in a large house with an elaborate conservatory/greenhouse where the climax took place, involving a fire and the convict finally tracking her down (he wasn't the understanding soul she thought he was, after all.) I thought it may have starred Richard Thomas but after searching I appear to be confusing it with "Down, Out and Dangerous," so no idea of the cast, sorry. Any ideas?
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If you turn up empty here, I'd email the Lifetime network directly (but adopt a more neutral tone to increase the likelihood of getting an answer).
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I've found two blogs dedicated to reviewing lifetime movies. Strangers Beside Me is one I stumbled upon through google, and uses categories, while Lifetime, Wow! has more in-depth, sarcastic reviews, but no categories (found via the blue, and the reason I googled for this in the first place). You could also try the IMDB advanced search and test things in the Word Search field.
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