Suggestions for some puzzling kitchen gadgets?
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What are some puzzling kitchen gadgets to mystify my mother-in-law with?

My mother-in-law likes to give (and get) stocking stuffers of obscure kitchen items, which the recipient then needs to identify. Past items include those square hard-boiled egg thingies, pineapple corers, garlic-peeling tubes, finger protectors to wear while slicing tomatoes... you get the idea.

She's hard to stump. Any suggestions for what I could get her this year? I'm in the US, and prefer to shop on-line. I'm hoping to not spend more than $10.
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Citrus trumpet!

(I have one. It doesn't really get juice out of the poor citrus. But it looks cool!)
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Mango slicer - I have one, it works as long as the mango isn't overripe.

nutmeg grater

curl cutter
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If you wanted to spend a little bit more, you could get a Thai coconut grating stool (called a kratai), almost guaranteed to perplex.
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Cook's Illustrated magazine has this as a semi-regular feature - folks send in pictures of oddball and unknown gadgets for the editors (and readership) to identify...along the lines of "we found this in Grandma's kitchen and have no idea what it's for". The last one, as I recall, was a rotary doughnut cutter (sort of like these, but with only 1 doughnut on it). I don't see a spot on their website for this bit, but a trip to the library (or subscribed friend) might turn up some real out-there gadgets.
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Avocado slicer?
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A grapefruit segmenter.
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I was mystified by my grandmother's pastry wheel. That site's got some other interesting pastry gadgets as well.
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Garlic zoom.
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A pickle picker?
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An oven rack puller!
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Tomato peelers have been out for a while now, but still seem to befuddle kitchen visitors. I had no idea there were electric cheese graters out there (and thought it was ridiculous until I remembered making six cups of shaved parmesan for a big carbonara); these lemon squeezer/keepers are fantastic; one doesn't see many round bread pans in the US; and there is sadly not much call for hâtelets these days (same goes for the duck press). Absinthe spoons are shiny, and may be more useful now that it's legal.
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Black & Tan turtle?

Corn stripper.
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Egg scissors.
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How common are strawberry hullers? I've had people mystified by mine. Two models: 1, 2. Bonus: they're small and actually useful.

Also: a corn stripper
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Plantain peeler or tostonera smasher.
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A hand crank operated apple peeler and corer? They're also handy for the extensive peeling and slicing that goes along with mashed potatoes.
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egg topper scissors
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This orange peeler looks extremely weird, and would not look like it is meant to peel oranges at all. I do not know how you would find it stateside.
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After seeing peachfuzz' suggestions I thought: just head to an "ethnic" shop? I'm sure there are loads of interesting tools, either specific to a certain dish or item, or things that are shaped differently than you'd imagine, and you'd have the item right now.
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A Garlic Zoom is $10. Looks like one of those little cars that you pull back and let go.
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Seconding the oven-rack puller! I remember many years ago my mom was proudly showing off the gift she found for my aunt and uncle. I couldn't figure it out.
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Lemon zester
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No suggestions here, but damn, ya'll are good. I like how enthusiastic and helpful everyone gets in threads like this one. Go team!
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Corn Zipper (as opposed to Strippers above)
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I keep my brewing hydrometer in the kitchen. Does that count?
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Are you sure you won't go over ten bucks? Not even for a genuine, traditional sharkskin wasabi grater? Tangentially, there was an entire gameshow in Japan when I lived there devoted to handing strange items to visiting westerners and getting them to guess what they were.* Many were obscure kitchen items. There was a device for slicing flakes off dried pieces of bonito that was pretty awesome -- it looked like an antique puzzle box with a savage finger guillotine trap hidden in it -- but I can't seem to find one online.

* I didn't get it. My host father explained that the show was hilarious because most of the guests were enormous American marines stationed in Japan who had learned Japanese from their wives or girlfriends and who therefore spoke "women's Japanese". The point was really just to get them to talk.
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I also have a Garlic Zoom and love it. Makes a mundane task fun. Highly suggested.
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Egg molds?
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A lamé / bread slashing blade.
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Potato Ricer
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Orange Peeler - I rolled my eyes when someone gave me one of these but they really are a nice thing to have. They keep you from getting your thumb nail pulled away from your skin when you peel an orange. It has a small spur which is designed to score the peel of the orange, along with a broad, flat blade which is used to pull segments of the peel off after they have been scored. You can usually find them at the dollar stores.
Lime Squeezer - You can find these at Mexican grocery stores
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That egg topper thing Stefan used on Top Chef last week.
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Green bean frencher ($5 version). Molinillo (Knuckle Peeler ($2). Meat baller ($6). Actually, a bunch of the stuff in this gadgets category looks suitable.
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I was looking around at when I remembered your question and had to come back and share. Mostly gag gifts like the Octodog or Tic Tac Toast but the Snap Capp would actually be useful at times. I'm thinking of those half cans of coconut milk I always end up with.

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Wooden salt spoon. It took me ages to figure this one out! As a plus it's nice looking and handy given the rash of fancy sea salt available these days.
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A bit late for a stocking stuffer, but whatever: Visitors to Canada often inquire about the weird magnet found on every refrigerator. It's called a Snippit, and it's for opening plastic milk bags. It's just as handy on bags of chips, frozen food, etc., and for cutting tape on parcels and Christmas presents.
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